Investigating transparency, opacity and repetition is the core of my practice both conceptually and visually. Experimenting with various techniques in painting, drawing, and screenprinting, gives me a large vocabulary of mark making and color blending possibilities. The order of operations is always symbolic. Parts of the image change, get covered up, or become distorted as the piece develops, and the  physical process of masking, blocking, and revealing parts of the underpainting, relate back to the specific meaning of each piece.

The recent paintings are blurry, iridescent/metallic, textural, and have a lot of contrast in color and material. The tape covers up the image below, and makes the viewer curious to what lies beneath. Tape mends and masks simultaneously, and metallics are always shifting and changing with the light, adapting to changing contexts. Dark blurry areas disrupt and cover up delicate line work. Ideas about concealing, revealing, blocking, masking, and covering up the truth fuel these paintings.

Currently in Portland, OR


Instagram @luvolker

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